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The Belle Glade Housing Authority is committed to providing business opportunities to small, minority and women owned businesses. BGHA continuously seeks vendors and contractors that can assist in providing supplies or services for low-income families BGHA will promote full and open competition for all procurement and contracts to the maximum extent possible.

Audit RFP 2021-6

AD Maintenance Person 

Supplemental to RFP 2021-05 Interior Painting

RFP 2021-05 Interior Painting

Supplemental Notice #2 to RFP 2021-03

BGHA RFP 2021-03 Roofing Supplement

BGHA RFP 2021-04 Fill

BGHA RFP 2021-03 Roofing

BGHA RFP 2021-01 Answers to Questions

BGHA RFP 2021-01 Structural Repairs Maintenance Facility

BGHA PFO- Vacant Unit RFP 2021-02

Maintenance Position Ad



“This institution is an equal opportunity provider, and employer.”